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Do you make simple videos for social media or presentations?

Sorry, we only make emotion-driven films that move people to take an intended action.

What is the difference between a video and a film?

The purpose of videos is to convey information while the purpose of films is persuasion.

Put another way, videos make people aware while films make people care.

Do you make animated films?

We make live-action films only.

Animated films that can genuinely move people are complex undertakings and expensive to make. Think Pixar and Disney.

Do you distribute these films as well?

We don't distribute films, but we can share advice regarding how you can go about it.

Additionally, because films evoke an emotional response, it's likely that these will be shared by your audience with other people around them.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We work with organizations in development sector, civil society, movements, and good people in politics / governance.

We sometimes work with social businesses and social enterprises too.

Our favorite clients are the ones who understand the importance of emotions in human decision making, are goal driven, take risks to achieve these goals, and trust their collaborators.

Why are films so expensive as compared to usual videos?

There are two reasons for this - quality and attention to detail.

Films are intended to make people feel, make them care, and drive them to take an action. The level of skill, time, and resources required to create these films drive the pricing.

What is your price per minute of output?

Films cannot be priced per minute. Such a pricing works for the simplest of videos, but not for films.

As an example, a minute of output with a subject talking for that entire minute requires significantly less effort and time than a minute of output filmed with different subjects across different locations. This results in very different prices for the two outputs, even though the duration is the same.

Your pricing page mentions the starting prices and I understand that exact price is dependent on the scope of work. Can you still provide indicative price ranges for a good output?

A majority of stories can be crafted and brought to life within the following price ranges:

Real-life storytelling: INR 3.7 - 6.2L (plus 18% GST)

Hybrid storytelling: INR 6.6 - 9.4L (plus 18% GST)

Fiction storytelling: INR 10 - 25L (plus 18% GST)

These prices do not include cost of outstation travel, boarding, and lodging which are as per actuals.

We are a small organization and can't invest this much in a single project yet. Can you offer us a discount?

Sorry, we don't do discounts in interest of quality and results. We'll share a detailed breakdown of pricing for your review though.

We also offer fixed plus performance based variable pricing in certain cases. You may want to explore that instead.

How much time does it take to craft a story and bring it to life?

The duration of a project depends on many factors, including, but not limited to, the filmmaking type, the story, the execution constraints, and the time for reviews, revisions, approvals, and release of payments.

However, a majority of stories can be crafted and brought to life within the following time ranges:

Real-life storytelling: 6 - 7.5 weeks

Hybrid storytelling: 8 - 10 weeks

Fiction storytelling: 8 weeks+

Do you work on weekends?

Our working hours are from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Friday, except holidays.

However we make time outside our working hours, including weekends, for filming in situations where filming is possible only in non-working hours.

I need an output that is persuasive. But I have only 1-2 weeks. Can you do it?

For simple real-life storytelling projects, we can try. But please be prepared for limited or no revisions.

The Schools We Need is a good example of projects that can be completed in such a time frame.

How can we engage you for a story for our cause or organization?

If you have a well structured project brief ready, please get in touch with us.

We'll understand the communication problem you are trying to solve, potential solutions you might be thinking of, the kind of brand you are building, and your execution constraints - budget, deadline, preferences, etc.

After this, if your solution requires a real-life aproach or a hybrid approach, we will share a concept, and a cost and time estimate for your consideration.

However, if your solution requires a fiction approach, we will request for an advance payment before we work on a concept, and associated cost and time estimate.

Please note that the estimates are not actuals. The actual cost and time differ from the estimate depending on execution constraints on your end, as well as the final story which is only available later during the project. However, we will work with you closely to limit the actuals within a reasonable deviation from the estimate.

What are your payment terms?

We go for a series of milestone based payments. The payment schedule is customised for every project. Broadly, we follow the principle of 50% pre-payment and 50% post-payment, for every milestone.

What milestones do you use?

The milestones vary by storytelling style. These could be:

  1. Initiation of project
  2. Pre-production (planning) is complete
  3. Production (filming) is complete
  4. Post-production (finished output) is complete

What do you mean by a well structured project brief?

A well structured project brief includes information about:

  1. Your cause or your organization
  2. Target audience
  3. Objective of communication
  4. Messaging required to achieve objective
  5. Brand personality of your cause or your organization, if any
  6. Creative approaches you might be thinking of, if any
  7. Your budget
  8. Your deadline
  9. Any other constraints
  10. Any other preferences regarding messaging, creative approaches

We do not have such a project brief, or we have a project brief with limited information. What are our options?

A well structured project brief is necessary for a results-driven communication. You can prepare one yourself, work with a communication professional, or bring us on-board as consultants for a short-duration assignment.

How are you incorporated as a business?

We are a private limited company incorporated as Fable Internet Private Limited.

Our registered address is B-208, Saraswati Vihar, Delhi - 110034.

Our CIN is U74999DL2017PTC327686 and our GSTIN is 07AADCF2765K1ZF.

Can you tell me a little more about your team?

We are a lean team with skills across the domains of strategic thinking, messaging strategy, storytelling, and filmmaking.

Specifically for filmmaking, we partner with other independent filmmakers for project-specific skills, as per the nature of work.

You may read more about us here.