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Client Experience

Mekin Maheshwari
Founder, Udhyam Learning Foundation

"Rarely do pieces of communication capture your intentions and feelings well.

Fable’s work on this film for us at Udhyam Learning Foundation did that beautifully.

The video link has been part of my signature for many months now... Thank you Fable team!"

Supriya Panchangam
Brand & Advocacy Lead, Udhyam Learning Foundation

"Working with Medhavin Goyal and Shivani Sazawal was a beautiful experience.

I can vouch for their ability to both capture deeper and emotional narratives of a story as well as technical expertise to present it meaningfully to the audience. I hope the universe puts in a creative room together soon!"

Abhishek Gupta
Advisor to Deputy Chief Minister, Govt. of Delhi

"I never got a feeling that they were in it to make money, or they were in it to do it as a project. They invest themselves emotionally and try and deliver honestly to the project outcomes.

If you are considering making a film, I would strongly recommend that you try Fable. They would invest in the film along with you, and I can assure you that they would make an honest attempt at achieving the project outcomes that you had set out with."

Raj Gilda
Co-founder, Lend-A-Hand India

"Medhavin / Shivani - This is really great! Perfect messaging and can't believe for it to come together in such a short time!

Thanks for all your hard work and sleepless nights to make it happen!"

Jatin Gupta and Anubhav Singh from Lend-A-Hand India speak about their experience of working with Fable on the film 'Every Girl Counts'.

Manish Sisodia
Deputy Chief Minister & Education Minister, Govt. of NCT of Delhi

"This is exactly what we wanted."

Anubhav Singh
Program Lead, Lend-A-Hand India

"The kind of experiences the student has shared, the way we have been able to build a storyline around every aspect of the project - it was quite impactful for whoever becomes an audience of the video."

Supriya Panchangam
Brand & Advocacy Lead, Udhyam Learning Foundation

Thank you for creating this magic for Udhyam. I feel grateful.

Storytelling, esp. the way you do, will heal the world.

Jatin Gupta
Project Lead, Lend-A-Hand India

"The first reaction from colleagues when they saw the video was that they were spellbound. It was much beyond our expectations.

The reaction of the program sponsors was very encouraging. It gave us a lot of hope about the future of this project, and the impact it has really created on the girls."

Abhishek Gupta, Advisor to Deputy Chief Minister, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, speaks about his experience of working with Fable on the film 'Kal Ki Army'.

Mekin Maheshwari
Founder, Udhyam Learning Foundation

"The film is getting amazing feedback. Kudos team!!"

Anubhav Singh
State Lead, Lend-A-Hand India

"Well well.. Truly Fabled!! This is amazing work Medhavin and Shivani!!"

Alisha Jain
Officer, Lend-A-Hand India

"Could have never imagined that the narrative would come together so well. Take a bow, Team Fable."

Jatin Gupta
Project Lead, Lend-A-Hand India

"There was a lot of ownership involved on Fable's end. They considered the project as their own.

All other organizations looking to solve their communication problems, reaching out to stakeholders in right manner, and most importantly, looking for people who can understand their problem statement, I feel Fable is the organization to go for."

Abhishek Gupta
Advisor to Deputy Chief Minister, Govt. of Delhi

"So the film released and I thought that I'll see the reviews in a few days, how it's going, but then I started receiving compliments from people. I remember, then, the film going quite viral. We started getting compliments on the WhatsApp and the Facebook comments. The Fable team was, you know, sent me some comments and some of the comments were really endearing and made us feel that the impact that we wanted to achieve was actually happening on the ground.

I couldn't believe my eyes, it was finally coming true. That was a surreal moment for us."

Shereen Sazawal
Founder, Best In U

"We had never imagined it to come out so well. We ended up getting a beautiful, authentic, and heartfelt rendition of why we are really doing this work. It was such a beautiful reminder to us about the real reason for being in this field.

The video has connected with so many people who didn't realise they needed help and those who did but didn't know what kind of help. Some of them have told me how watching the video was like their story being told to them, the video just spoke to them and connected with them at the deeper level. And that's what makes it so beautiful and wonderful.

Kudos for bringing out the best in us :)"