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Stories Of Fundraising Success | NeuAbility

In this video, Shivani Sazawal, Fable's co-founder and director, takes you through 'Find A Way', the fundraising film of NeuAbility, a non-profit based out of Denver, Colorado. The film helped NeuAbility do their best fundraise in a long time.

Tune into this video to learn more about the film and why it moved the audience to the extent that they decided to contribute to NeuAbility.

1. Overview of this video
2. About the film
3. How the film performed
4. Impact element 1 - A moving story
5. Impact element 2 - Filmmakers that care
6. Impact element 3 - Close proximity to subject via visuals
7. Impact element 4 - High quality dialogue recording
8. Impact element 5 - Music is complementary to story
9. How the film made me feel
10. How the audience responded
11. What could have been better
12. Summary - Impact elements
13. Wrap-up

NeuAbility is a rehabilitative wellness center and offers a suite of movement-based programs for individuals living with paralysis.


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