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The Pursuit Of Tears with Abhishek Gupta

Stories that move people deeply usually result in tears. That's because when we humans experience overwhelming warmth, compassion, or pride, we just can't hold back our tears. That is also when stereotypes and misgivings crumble, and the formation of new beliefs and convictions begins.

But what does it take to craft such a story and bring it to life? What obstacles lie on the way? And most importantly, how can you overcome these hurdles and make something that truly inspires your own audience to take action in support of your cause and your organization?

Join us as we relive one such journey with Abhishek Gupta, Advisor to Deputy Chief Minister, Govt. of Delhi, and the sponsor of our film 'Kal Ki Army'.

1. Intro - The context
2. Our communication challenge
3. Why I chose Fable
4. My first impression of Fable - Detailing. And more detailing
5. My first impression of Fable - Audience more important than client?
6. Concept is ready - My reaction
7. Organization's reaction
8. A very tight rope - My philosophy as Project Sponsor
9. Duration is too long
10. Financial support is withdrawn
11. The turning point
12. Film is ready - My first reaction
13. My moment of realization
14. First reactions from team members
15. Taking the film to top leadership
16. The moment of truth - The release & audience response
17. My reflections - Goal vs. Film's performance
18. My reflections - Duration vs. Emotion
19. My reflections - Was it all worth the fight?
20. If I could do it all over again
21. My honest feedback for Fable
22. Why I think we succeeded with this film. What went right.
23. My learnings - Strategic thinking & Number of decision makers
24. My learnings - Storytelling & Emotions
25. What this film meant for me personally
26. My message for other organizations - About Films and Fable
27. Thank you Fable for making it possible
28. Outro - Summary: 6 things you could do to inspire your own audience
29. Outro - How an inspired audience reacts!


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