Storytelling that inspires people
to take action.

We craft emotion-driven strategic stories for humanity-centric causes, and bring them to life as films.

One word? Results.

Stories that people want to watch, believe, remember, and share.
Stories that touch them deeply and make them say - "This needs to happen."

These are the reactions of the audience after watching our films.

It works. Everytime.

Because when people feel the true impact of their actions, they care.
And when they care, they act.

Kal Ki Army
An Aam Aadmi Party Film


Convince the undecided voters of Delhi that the work being done by the Delhi Government under the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is true nationalism. This should translate into electoral support for the AAP in the upcoming elections.


The film went 'viral' upon release. It moved the audience to tears, and very soon became one of the most watched and shared films on the AAP platform.

The most common response that the film evoked was that good education for every child is the foundation for bringing glory to the nation, and that every state must emulate the initiatives of the Aam Aadmi Party in the education sector in Delhi.

Jab unka Dil badlega tab Bharat badlega
A Better World Film


Inspire progressive citizens to contribute towards commissioning stories that will persuade the common citizens to vote on real issues. This should result in participation in the organization's crowdfunding campaign.


The film generated interest and desire to contribute amongst the target audience. The program launched as 'Reclaim India Project' and its first crowdfunding campaign exceeded its target.

Clarion Call
An Udhyam Learning Foundation Film


Generate interest and desire in High Net-worth Individuals (HNIs) to associate with Udhyam Learning Foundation. Initiate inbound conversations that will eventually result in partnerships and donations.


The audience found the film to be moving and inspiring. They praised Udhyam Learning Foundation for its impact on the society.

It was shared on LinkedIn by highly connected influencers like Vani Kola, the managing director of Kalaari Capital. The film is the most popular video on Udhyam Learning Foundation's YouTube channel.

Every Girl Counts
A Lend-A-Hand India Film


Convince the sponsors of the program - British High Commission (BHC), Govt. of Delhi, etc. - that the program has truly impacted the lives of the girls who participated in it. This should result in support for continuation of the program in the future.


In the words of the Lend-A-Hand India team, the response of the BHC officials during the screening of the film gave them a lot of hope about the future of the program.

The film received praise from Mr. Manish Sisodia, Minister of Education, Govt. of Delhi.

You vs. You
A Best In U Film


Generate awareness about Life Coaching and make it personal for the audience. This newly discovered need should result in curiosity to know more about Life Coaching and hence visits to the brand's website.


In the words of the founder of the brand, the audience was amazed and awed by the film. It spoke to people and connected at a deeper level. Some mentioned that watching the film was like their own story being told to them.

Badlaav Ki Shuruaat
A Reclaim India Project Film


Inspire the citizens of Raja Vihar, a large locality under the Rohini-F ward in Delhi, to vote for a candidate who will fight for them, who will get them their rights, and who will stand with them.


The film will be released around the MCD elections. The performance assessment will be conducted after the result of the election is declared.

Note: The film is yet to be released and is password protected. Please contact us for the password.

The Schools We Need
A Lend-A-Hand India Film


Convince the various stakeholders involved in establishing the 21st century high end skills Schools of Specialised Excellence (SOSEs) that students and their families are indeed benefitting from the education in the schools.


The film is yet to be released. The performance assessment will be conducted after the release.

Note: The film is yet to be released and is password protected. Please contact us for the password.

Rarely do pieces of communication capture your intentions and feelings well.

Fable’s work on this film for us at Udhyam Learning Foundation did that beautifully.

The video link has been part of my signature for many months now... Thank you Fable team!
Mekin Maheshwari
Founder, Udhyam Learning Foundation
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We understand what really matters

Stories that truly move people are a significant investment.
And we understand that humanity-centric organizations don't always have the leeway for experimenting.

So we came up with a process that blends science, art, and passion.
And as is with all processes, the outcomes are a certainty.

High conversion

Inspire more people to support your cause, more often.

Reach out to your audience with a story so powerful that it cuts through the noise and hits them where it matters the most.

Wide reach

Go beyond existing networks without large advertising budgets.

Move your audience with your story to the extent that they share it with friends and peers on their own.

Optimal cost

Ensure every rupee you invest goes into building a better world.

Work with a team that takes pride in cutting any and every expense that doesn't make your story significantly more persuasive.

I never got a feeling that they were in it to make money, or they were in it to do it as a project. They invest themselves emotionally and try and deliver honestly to the project outcomes.

If you are considering making a film, I would strongly recommend that you try Fable. They would invest in the film along with you, and I can assure you that they would make an honest attempt at achieving the project outcomes that you had set out with.
Abhishek Gupta
Advisor to Dy. C.M., Govt. of Delhi
Fable x LAHI
The Success Story

Jatin Gupta and Anubhav Singh from Lend-A-Hand India share their experience of working on the project and its impact.

The Pursuit
Of Tears
with Abhishek Gupta

Live the experience

Stories that move people deeply usually result in tears. That's because when we humans experience overwhelming warmth, compassion, or pride, we just can't hold back our tears. That is also when stereotypes and misgivings crumble, and the formation of new beliefs and convictions begins.

But what does it take to craft such a story and bring it to life? What obstacles lie on the way? And most importantly, how can you overcome these hurdles and make something that truly inspires your own audience to take action in support of your cause and your organization?

Join us as we relive one such journey with Abhishek Gupta, Advisor to Deputy Chief Minister, Govt. of Delhi, and the sponsor of our film 'Kal Ki Army'.

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Working with Medhavin Goyal and Shivani Sazawal was a beautiful experience.

I can vouch for their ability to both capture deeper and emotional narratives of a story as well as technical expertise to present it meaningfully to the audience. I hope the universe puts in a creative room together soon!
Supriya Panchangam
Brand & Advocacy Lead, Udhyam Learning Foundation
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